Alternative Hairstyle: Milkmaid Braid (Short Hair)

 If you have ever wanted to wear the famous and trendy milkmaid braid but you have short hair and thought you couldn't, then read on because I have an alternative hairstyle!

  • Bobby Pins 
  • 2 hair ties 
  • And someone who knows how to do a french braid (if you don't know how yourself)

 I've always loved how the milkmaid braid looks. It looks fresh and trendy, and it's also a very comfortable hairdo. I used to wear it when I had my long hair. When I cut it, it was one of the hairstyles I missed, especially with the heat wave here. So, one day I decided to try a new alternative!

  • Part your hair down the middle and tie one of the sides, to get it from interfering.
  • Start braiding you hair fairly close to the temple. You want it to go down you head, not up.
  • Leave a bit of hair when finishing so you can tie it.
  • Do the same on the other side.
  • When finished on both sides, take one of the pony tails and bobby pin on the opposite side and do the same with the other. Creating an 'X' shape.
  • Curl any loose hairs so they frame your face.
  • Add a cute pair of earrings.
  • Enjoy your hairstyle!

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