Since I'm currently home in bed sick I thought it would be a good time, as any, to share three new bits I got. One which I'm truly excited to have and show. 

  I've been in dire need of a new perfume. I resorted to "burrowing" my mum's. Needless to say, she didn't appreciate. Anyway, so here I am in Zara looking through they're fabulous sale and then I spot some perfume bottle testers. Being as curious as I am, I just had to have a sniff. I fell in love with the one called 'Iris' which I ended up getting for $12! It's a very delicate scent. Very girly and flowery with a hint of sweetness. I've worn it already, and it lasts a fairly long time. I wore it while I worked my 8 hour shift, and by closing time I could still smell a mingling scent. Very nice.

 A couple of weeks ago I ordered a Sleek blusher in 'Life's a peach'. We don't have Sleek here in PR, so I was able to get it on ebay. It just got here today in perfect conditions. The colour is gorgeous, a true peach which I've been searching for (for a long damn time). I can't wait to try it and give it a proper review!

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