Forever on my wish-list...

 I have finally found the one item I would definitely splurge on, if I had the money.  The most beautiful pair of boots I have ever laid my eyes on. I swear, from the 1st moments I saw them, when they 1st came out, I was madly in love with them! I'm talking about the Balenciaga S/S 2011 cutout boots. Need I say more?
 Yeah, yeah. I know J. Cambell came out with the Roscoe look alike, but you cannot simply replace the originals. The quality, the beauty and the uniqueness. Squeal~ I just can't get enough. I literally drool each time I see them. If only I had $1,275 lying around here somewhere. Man, I wish I had them. Oh man... I could cry. I shall now retreat to my little hole of sadness. Till the next post! 

 Hope you're all well!

 Ps: My birthday is in December. (Hint, hint)

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