My Style Memoir Pt. 1

 Sitting today here I noticed how much my style and likes have changed slowly. I then decided to take my time out of each month to sit down and analyze my own personal style, how its changed and my way of thinking.

 From the beginning my style was a 'Closet' style. I was like any other, too afraid of dressing like I felt like because I was too scared about what people would think once I was out the door. I always found myself second guessing my outfit, and I know people think it's stupid but what you wear helps you find confidence. It helped me. There has to come a day where you personally say enough is enough and start to dress however you want to. It's not an easy process, trust me I went through it. But once you get past it, it's easier and it's like the real you is out in the open and fuck whoever doesn't like it.

 Now, on to my style and ending my sorrows of the past. My style is ever changing. I don't tend to pay too much attention to trends when incorporating it to MY personal outfits (I do pay attention for review wise). I don't follow trend religiously. Why should I? Trends come and go and I don't wish to find myself having items of clothing I don't like anymore because they're "out of season". So I like to think of myself as being a one man boat (or yacht, heh) on this ever changing sea of fascinating trends and styles, eras and future eras. Har, har. Corny as it sounds, it's pretty accurate.

 I tend to drift to dark colours, adding a bit of a pop on colour with my accessories. Black is a safe colour, it can't betray you... much. I personally LIKE black, apart from it being safe. Black is my friend, we are the best of buds. Although I admit I sweat like a man (THANKS DAD!) and I stray away from bright colours for blouses... Anyway, I like the edgy look. The show stopper. Combat boots, spikes, weird bits and bobs. I like the weird, only the weird can't be found here in this island. Sigh~

 Anyway, that's all for now! Hope you enjoyed it! Stay tuned for more analysis on my own style and advice on how to break out of that style closet!

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