Bit of a collective haul

 Since it's 'Back to School' season one must take advantage of these sales and pick up a few things. I recently signed contract with Forever 21 so I had to stock up on clothing so I can wear to school and work. Thankfully Zara was having an amazing sale for tops at $10! I usually put off shopping until sales like these come around, so I was truly happy to get some very nice pieces. Also, Old Navy had a sale. Now, usually I don't go to Old Navy unless I need essentials and nothing fancy, but I did like the dusty blue v-neck and gold tear drop necklace which were both at $5.

  Also bought a bit of make-up (all drugstore items). I'll review them once I try them enough to form a proper opinion. Then I got a pair of Dolce Vita black buckle strap sandals for much less than usually sold, which you can see them being worn in the previous post. Do keep in mind that all of this is a collective haul and I did not just up and go on a shopping spree.


  1. I fell in love with them once I saw them.

  2. Are all the tops from Sara except the last one? I love them!!! Specially the leopard print and the black one.

  3. The ones in group are from zara and the blue one is from old navy :D they're all truly comfortable


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