Mixing Textures

 It's been an interesting sick week. By sick, I mean me. I'm sick (cough). But I did manage to get some (free) vintage things from my mum's closet, including a vintage Kenneth Cole cherry wood red high waist belt! Ah the wonders. I tried a technique I've been eying for some time, mixing textures. 

My dog maybe old but she's so damn adorable!

 Mixing textures is as simple as it's sounds... or it's read. You take different textures of your own wardrobe and find a way to harmonize them together. You can either mix soft elegant textures like chiffon from a pleaded midi skirt and mix it in with the rough of a denim distressed vest. Which is what I did. I incorporated the soft elegant look of a cream midi skirt with a black/white stripped shirt and added a denim vest. However, mixing textures is way more. Like the mixing of soft delicate flower patters with something as rough as spikes. It can work, I swear. I suggest people try it more, it's nice and it looks great when done right. 

Vest- made by moi, Shirt- Zara, Belt- Vintage, Skirt- Forever 21, Shoes- Dolce Vita

 Apart from that lovely experiment I went out and saw Crazy.Stupid.Love with my mum and the beau. It was a surprisingly great movie. I mean I went because I wanted to see it, but it was completely different than what you see in the commercial promos! I suggest you go watch it, it's not just a chick flick.

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  1. Tu combo se ve brutal!!! Y me encantan las uñas tambien!!


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