Bow Tie Twist

  Working as an intern in Erika Peña Designs has been an adventure. Sometimes we work and have fun and sometimes we work. But there is always something to do and something to keep us all occupied. Everyone in the office is like a family to me and going to work is like my little escape. I mean, I get to work with amazing jewelry pieces and I get to meet interesting people. Let's not forget all that I'm learning about the business and the fashion industry. The mere chance of interning was enough that I was blindsided by this gift. Erika gifted us with pieces of her new collection called Bradley Bows. These babies are made in swarovski crystals giving the bow tie a new elegant twist. This was my Christmas + brithday gift and I'm more than grateful! This piece is a definite conversation starter and also a unique piece to my collection. You can also get one of these babies in the store or by calling. Thanks, Erika!


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