Trend Spotting: Mint

 One of the colors I'm paying close attention to for spring is mint. Lady Gaga predicted it would be big, in her "Marry The Night" video, making her nurses wear mint hats. But even before that I'd been getting attracted to the unique and delicate colors. I'm not much for wearing a lot of colors, but I do love wearing accents. Recently I was sent a small mint clutch from Teen Vogue. I've been using it a lot lately since my wallet fits perfectly, so I'm in love. I'm also having a lot of fun playing with the mint color and applying it to my daily wardrobe. What color are you excited for this spring?


  1. not a fan of the color... but the clutch is really cute!

  2. I'm loving the color as an accent color also. It looks great as nail polish and jewelry. I am in love with that clutch! It is very chic ;)

  3. Love the clutch!. I want it for me haha


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