Smelling like Marshmallows...

If you're from Puerto Rico then you know Victoria's Secret just opened their first store here. If you're from here then you also know how impossible it is to enter the store. It's amazing (not in a good way) how people get in lines that are hours long just to enter a store. I mean, have they never seen a bra before? VS has been available online wise, to us, for years. So by no means were the products limited to us before, just the local store. I wasn't overly excited when I entered the store, weeks after it opened, it's just a pantie and bra store. However, I was left wanting a fragrance called 'Candy Baby' that one of my co-workers had and it smells of marshmallows. So I decided to take on the journey of buying it.
Entering the store per say, wasn't difficult but it was tedious. Although I didn't have to wait in line outside to enter, not that I would have if I had to, the store inside was packed. People viewing everything like it was a fucking museum. It was rather unpleasant. The employees have no tag to identify them, apart from their all black uniform, and the products didn't have a price tag on them. Regardless I was determined to get my fragrance, since my old one is no more... I finally was able to find it and I was delighted to learn that if I picked 3 products I would only pay $25, and the fragrance alone is $12 so it was a good deal. I decided to stick with 'Candy Baby' in which I got the fragrance mist, lotion and shimmer cream. I shall now be a walking marshmallow, and proud of it!


  1. Escuché de un amigo que trabaja allá que era para evitar el robo con el constante tráfico de público que entonces las personas tendrían que hacer las filas para entrar. Me pareció súper ridiculo, la verdad nosé cuan certera sea está información.

  2. El unico problema es que no veo precio, no encuentro a la persona, la fila esta larga pues yo me voy. No vale la pena ir todavia.

  3. me encanta el olor de Marshmallows! Los otros dias consegui el Body Powder de Urban Decay en Marshmallow por Hautelook (llevaba queriendolo hace mil años...) Y ahora se que esta fragancia de VS existe, asi que en algun momento ire a ver si me gusta (detesto Plaza las Americas... trato de evitar ir lo mas posible)


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