Mobile Diaries

 Lately I've been so busy with two jobs that I've been neglecting my blog and I've been sad about it. So, with getting a new smart phone I've decided to track my everyday life with mobile pictures. Why track it? Well, since starting my internship I've been very exposed to the fashion world here and, I don't know about you but, I like to see backstage pictures. So I'll be including that on my blog and I truly hope that you enjoy it and get to have a new point of view on my new job. Here are some previews of how this will work...
  Found this awesome necklace which I shall be doing a haul about soon!
 Tom Ford Glasses!
 Christmas is here!
 Us interns had to work on making the Christmas display and here it is! We worked on it a whole day.
 New Jade earrings, they are amazing!
 Last minute styling on my brother for a classical music concert that he felt he was under dressed, so I did some quick thinking and styled him quickly with some things we had.
Need coffee to get through an 8hour day at the office.

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