Holiday Gift Ideas No.1

This will be the 1st post I'll be doing, until December 16th, about gift ideas for the holidays. To start these posts off, I'll be introducing the idea no.1: The Isi Ring. The Isi ring is designed and sold by Erika Peña. Although I do intern for her don't be fooled by what I'm about to say. I own an Isi ring, been looking at them since before my internship and I bought it all on my own. I never give a biased opinion. Moving on...
 There are two types of Isi Rings, gold and silver. Gold goes for $30 and silver for $28, which makes them affordable for the public. They are tiny hand cut sterling silver rings made to be worn or stacked at the tips of the fingers. They come in a variation of textures going from Embossed, Lined, Granulated and more.
They can be uniquely stacked to give a very rustic effect. They are also on high demand. The store currently has only a few silver ones, but the gold ones are already sold out. These rings are part of the Moya Collection, accompanied by other pieces that feature my favorite rock, the Druzzy. These rings have been seen on celebrities that go from Rihanna to Candise from Victoria Secret. They are very affordable and very versatile, perfect for a gift. I plan to get more so I can stack them, but at the moment I own one cute little Isi ring.

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