Studded Purse

  I've been in dire need of a new purse since my old one is slowly decaying. I've always been a fan of Alexander Wang and I often think he designs with me in mind, so when I saw he created a gorgeous and perfect purse I knew I had to have it. The problem? It's roughly around $500 purse. I can't spend $500 or more on a purse... I just can't. So I sat in my corner and sulked until I saw a look alike roaming around on youtube. It would basically cost me around $76 with everything to get it from the UK to PR. I waited a bit and bought it on eBay for $46. It arrived on good time and the purse is big! Bigger than I expected.
 It's so gorgeous and spacy. Everything I need fits in there and more! And being a girl we all feel the need to carry crap in our purse. I've received a lot of good comments on it and it really does look like a real Alexander Wang. It was a good buy and I'm very happy I got it. So if you're looking for a good bag then I do suggest you check it out.

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