Kate Moss For Rimmel London

  Even though this collection has been out for quite some time I hadn't seen in here in PR until this weekend. Being a limited edition product, be it drugstore or high-end, I was surprised it was $5 each. I would have expected them to be around $8. I only had two shades to choose from, which are the two I got, and I was eager to try out my first ever Rimmel lipsticks. When I got home I hurried to try them on, they're pigmented enough and they don't wear off easily but I do have a problem with them...THEY.HAVE.SCENT. Not just any scent, but a fruity scent. The type you smell on children's make-up. It's yucky and it makes me dizzy. I don't usually have such problems, I do like MAC's vanilla scents but this is way to much. Just when I got used to it I would get a whiff of them again. Regardless, if you don't mind the smell than you could get them they do go on pretty...maybe I'm just a tad bit OCD on it. Who knows?

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  1. Beautiful colors! I have one in number 14 and it's my new go to lipstick


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