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OCC is a brand I've been stalking for about (2) years now, no joke. I've heard so many good things about their lip products and concealers and I always wanted to try them out. I'm a visual person, I like to check things out with my own hands before I decide on buying. This means I avoid online shopping unless I truly can't get my hands on it. Upon hearing that Sephora was going to be selling OCC I was beyond excited but knew I'd have to wait a long time before they actually had them in store here. When I went to Sephora a week ago to get a skin care product and spotted only (3) colors of the lip tars in the baskets in line and decided to get Strumpet.

Here's where the review gets serious and honest. OCC lip tars on not for everyone, in my opinion. You need patience, care and precision to be able to wield these babies. Patience because the lip tars will tend to bleed a bit at first giving you a mustache like the ones we get from drinking Kool Aid or grape juice. This means you're applying too much product even though you only used less than a pea size of the product. You literally need almost no product to cover the whole lips. This is where care and precision come in. You apply this with a lip brush and you have to be very careful because once this sets it sets. There will be no coming back unless you use make up remover with a q-tip or something like that. This is a product I do not recommend retouching during the day because: a. you really don't need to retouch it since it lasts a long time and b. because its messy to retouch it and you may stain something besides your lips. 

This is a product for the more experienced in make up or people who are willing to take the time to practice and play with it. That being said, the product itself is amazing. The stupidly small amount you need to cover the whole lip and the duration of the lip tar is amazing. I have eaten and gone out without even having to retouch my lips. You really need to double check and clean up anything because it will get on your teeth... trust me. My goal now is to get every damn lip tar ever made just because they are that good and will last me a long time. 

Let me know if you wish to see a video on how to apply the lip tar.


  1. Hahah, I agree, they can can be a bit tricky to work with. Besides that, the color looks so gorgeous! :)


    1. yeah, their def not for everyone but those who know how will benefit so much from them.


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