Revlon | Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains

 Hey, guys! I come today with a little review on the highly popular Revlon balm stains going around. These babies have been all the rage in the blogging/youtube world lately and are kind of difficult to get since they're always sold out. After looking at swatches I decided on getting Rendevous and Charm. So without any more interruption here is my review.

 These balms have been compared to the Tarte chubby sticks, but even though I don't own the Tarte ones I have swatched them and they're nothing alike. Where the Tarte sticks are more pigmented, the Revlon balm stains are just that...stains. Each balm goes on like a tinted lip balm. As the shades grow deeper so will the pigmentation you'll see when applied. That being said, Rendevous (being more orange) goes on more pigmented than Charm (being more peach). They both have a satin-y finish. They are fairly moisturizing and smell minty. The smell I'm not so fond of, it's a weird mint smell. Leave these guys on for a couple of hours and you'll see the 'Just Bitten' effect. You really look like you were munching on a lollipop. So both of these are perfect for those days you don't want to wear a full on lipstick but wish to have color on your lips.
Rendevous is a muted version of Revlon's Siren. Giving a lovely orange touch for those who fear to go for an all out orange.
Charm is a lovely peach-y nude for those who don't think they can pull off a nude lipstick maybe this would be a color to try.

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