L'OREAL Magic Smooth Soufflé | Angelic

  L'OREAL came out with these soufflé blushes that I'd been eying for some time. I remember Maybelline came out with ones back in 2011 which I had and used up. The L'OREAL ones come in a bigger package and there aren't many color selections. When I first opened mine I was disappointment that there wasn't much product, I mean I expected more with the size of the jar and all... But then I applied it and saw how pigmented it was and how a small amount went a long long way and I calmed down a bit. If I'm not mistaken they go for around $7 or so, which isn't bad for how pigmented it is.

 The color I picked up is Angelic, which is a pastel peach. The product blend in very well with my skin, giving it a lovely glow that is perfect for summer. You need a light hand with these because you may turn out Jersey Shore orange if you don't measure well. Just a dab for each cheek. I apply the product working from the outside in, so I don't end up with some really peachy cheeks. It's a lovely blush that it light and soft. However, the blush smells really, really, really weird. I can't help but cringe whenever I'm about to apply it and the wafting smell slaps me in the face. I can tolerate it, but not everyone can which is something to consider if you're planning on getting. Overall it's a good blush that I'll be gravitating to this summer.


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