Caudalíe | Beauty Elixir

  The infamous Caudalíe Beauty Elixir. I've heard mixed reviews about this guy, which only sparked my interest even more. When I learned they had it at Sephora I just had to go check it out. My main concern was the scent, I'd heard on and on about how strong it was and how it wasn't that good. I was surprised to actually enjoy the scent, although it is strong, it reminded me of oils used for massages. The elixir is said to sooth your skin, make it glow and close up pores. This product goes for $20 30mL and $48 for 100mL, so it's not a cheap product at all. Now, this elixir has essential oils that help the skin out on a daily basis. I spray it on before I apply my moisturizer and wait a couple of minutes for it to sink in. It's a very refreshing and soothing product that helps me relax. It has a strong scent that is not for everyone so I suggest you check it out before purchasing. There is no instant burst of radiance but it's more of a gradual radiance, meaning as you apply it on a daily basis your skin does look healthier but not so much that you'll notice instantly. This is definitely an essential on my bag and in my skin routine. It's not for everyone and you may not get results, but I feel my skin looks better without make up then how it looked before I started using this so it's something I'll definitely repurchase.

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