MAC Pigment | Blue Brown

  Sup, guys! I come today to show you a MAC pigment called Blue Brown I got ages ago but never showed you. MAC pigments go for $20 each and from experience I say it's definitely worth it buy if it's a rare color and since they last soooooooooo long. I've had mine for months now and while I admit I use it for special occasions I have used it and it's still at 99%. It's easily a product I see lasting me years if I use it wisely. It's very pigmented and more importantly it's easy to blend out. Even though it looks scary it's very wearable and build-able for a more dramatic look. I just love how it looks like dragon scales! The amount of product needed to do both eyes is ridiculously small. Once you open the pigment it has a small cap inside which is what I use to pick up some of the color. I'm very happy with this guy and it's something I use for special occasions and when I feel adventurous.

1 comment:

  1. Me gusta mucho ese pigmento sobre todo sobre una base oscura,también solito se ve super es tan versátil!.


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