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  Hello, people! I come to you today with a bit of a skin care review. It was only recently I noticed a new brand of skin care called Yes To, in my defense (which is not a good defense) I hadn't ventured to the skin care are in some time...and by that I mean when my 1st face moisturizer died which was a long time ago. Anyway! I was first attracted to the lovely package, which I now hoard by the way, and decided to try it out. I mean, any skin care is better than none right? After using it for about a month and some now, I think I can cook up a good and honest review.

 Daily Calming Moisturizer- This lovely guy here has helped my skin improved considerably, keeping in mind that I hadn't used any face moisturizer in some time so anything is better than nothing. At first I still had some dry areas, but in it's defense it takes time to mend that which was damaged for some time. Poetics! Anyway, not those dry patches have calmed down quite a bit and my skin is better. Did I mention this smells so good?! And also, when applied you get a tightening feeling in your face that is very nice.

Soothing Eye Gel- This eye gel is supposed to help dark circles and depuff, which in my opinion it does do to a certain degree. I don't wake up with overly puffy eyes, so I don't have much to say there. But the thought of not having concealer ever again is not as scary as it once was. The product itself has no smell and you really need such a small amount to cover both eyes.

 Overall, I liked them both. I don't look so dull in the face when I don't wear make-up. My face feels softer and it has more color in it now. Although I still have dark circles and let's be real, who doesn't? The dark circles have gone down a bit. To prove this to myself, and that I wasn't crazy, I pestered my boyfriend with questions on my appearance sans make-up to the point he left the room when I opened my mouth to ask anything. Which proves to me it has helped, said by him! I still have some way to go before I finish both products but I do want to try other things on their line like the Carrots and Tomato ones!


  1. Ugh I've been wanting to try these products so badly!
    I never dared to because they were so expensive and I always forgot to look up reviews on them.

    1. Actually, they're not expensive. Skin products (good ones) aren't cheap so this one is very economical.

  2. i want to try them soo bad!!! thanx for the review!!


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