Sephora Haul + Shopping Advice

 I've been a bit over 2 years really falling deep into the cosmetics world, especially now that I'm really learning the ins and outs and I've picked up a few pointers along the way. Cosmetic prices vary and one has to be very conscious when committing to buy something and I have a bit of a ritual I do that I decided to share. I do speak about it in the video I will be sharing of mine but I do feel I'm never able to get into depth when I speak since I forget my point along the way so I try to get more into depth when I write.

 I don't do anything to complex before I buy something but since I started doing my little ritual I've avoided certain crappy products and saved a bit of money. Always research the product you're interested in before buying. When I see something I like, either in a magazine, blog or video, I start reading up on it and thinking it over. Always ask yourself if you will have to eat Ramen for a week so you can be able to buy it. If so, then just slowly store money away and don't rush into anything. Also, try the product out in the store: the texture, feel and durability while you walk around. If needed, ask for help on putting it on. You have to pick and choose what you'll buy and when. Sometimes buying a lot in one is okay but not always. These are all things that go without saying, but I do see people buying things they just heard about and later regretting it. Putting yourself in a budget also helps. Research and choose carefully. Hope that helped!

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