Cosmetics Company Store Review

  Hi, guys! This is another mini California haul. This time it was in an outlet mall in Napa where I found a store called Cosmetics Company Store, which sold brand name make-up for less. One thing I did notice is they had a lot of stuff which was limited edition hence forth already sold out from either Sephora or Mac, etc. I'm not very familiar with Bobbi Brown, Clinique, Smachbox, etc but I do know MAC and they had products from the Villain, Cute and Gareth Pugh collection which aren't sold anymore. Next thing I noticed were the price reductions, which I was very, very happy about.

 The lady that worked there was very nice but knew very little about the treasure chest she had in her hands. After roaming around I chose to get 3 products. The MAC blush I loved, since I had been looking for a good nude-ish blush for so long. And I was also able to purchase and try for the first time a Bobbi Brown product. However, the huge find of the day was the Tom Ford Black Orchid lipstick, which I think is discontinued, and it was $30 rather that $50. It was still a bit expensive for my taste but I had been yearning this lipstick and I just couldn't pass on the chance to have it. I have yet to worn it, I'm too scared and I just end up looking at it all day...pathetic, eh? Anyway, here is my review of all the products.
  Although I have yet to try the TF lippie on myself, I did swatch it. I can't say much about the wear and so on, but while swatching it the liptick went on very smoothly. The pigmentation is lovely and I'm just a sucker for the brown colors in it. I can't wait until it's fall and winter to wear it!
  The MAC blush is from the Villains collection and it's called 'Her Own Devices'. This is the blush with Cruella Deville on it and as always the packaging is very lovely and sleek. As for pigmentation, it is a very subtle pigment and exactly what I was looking for. It's a blush I reach for whenever I wish to have a more nude cheek and I find this, and the Tarte Exposed blush, is perfect for that look.
  This Bobbi Brown Lip and Cheek pot is No.6 Powder Pink, it's a very lovely color on the lips without being to dark. The pigmentation is lovely although I've yet to try it on my cheeks. As for the wear, I did notice it wore off pretty quickly for my taste which is very sad since it's a lovely color.

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