My First LUSH Experience

Ever since I made my entrance to the blogging and Youtube world, I've heard about the LUSH Cosmetics store. Sadly, living in the Caribbean, I had no access to a LUSH store until a couple of weeks back when I traveled to California. Sure, they had an online store and deliver here and what not. But you have to understand, it's not the same and never will be. I can attest that one needs to go to a LUSH store to have the experience first hand and smell all the wonderful (and not so wonderful) smells!
 Honey I Washed The Kids Soap- Hands down my favorite buy of all. It smells of honey and toffee. This is simply irresistible for me and I keep reaching for it when I shower. Since I have no LUSH store near I get very protective over it, going as far as threatening my brother to never ever use it. It leaves me smelling lovely and it also has given much needed moister to my body. This I would buy again and again, and I truly recommend it.
 Ro's Argan Body Conditioner- This was a product I didn't expect to buy. It was shown to me while demonstrating a new Rose scented collection. You basically lather it on your body while you shower and you just rinse it off. The scent of this is what made me buy it. It smells so elegant and it makes my mouth water. I'm trying to get into more Rose scented things so this was an awesome find. It's perfect for someone like me since I keep forgetting to apply lotion after showering.
 Sweetie Pie- This is a product I got purely because it brought out the kid in me. It takes me back to my childhood when I used to play with Silly Pudi or whatever. This is a fun soap to have around and it smells really yummy. Plus, it's a fun conversation starter and makes everyone happy.
 Dragon's Egg Bath Bomb- This delightful little bugger is quite popular in the blogging world. It smells citrus-y which is designed to wake you up. It has 3 layers on the inside which disintegrate into color and glitter. To make this last I cut it in half. It smells lovely but I did find it left a chalky lingering scent I wasn't so fond of. However I thoroughly enjoyed being coated in glitter for a week!

 Overall, my experience at the store was amazing! I fell in love when I entered and it only grew once I left. I felt like a kid in a candy stores. If you haven't gone to one I truly suggest you do. They have amazing healthy products, perfect for yourself and to gift it to someone. I cannot stress how much I want to go back and maybe sleep there. I'm definitely going to be ordering online until I can go back and get even more things to try. As for prices, I think most of the products are fairly priced and definitely worth trying at least once. And if you're not sure of how something works you can always ask to try it out!


  1. Hi! Im from the philippines, and i just want to say that the honey i washed the kids soap is...AHHHH MAZING! i love it too! :))


    1. I just love that smell! I wish it lasted more though :(


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