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 And now for a review I've been dying to do. The NARS Sheer Glow Foundation! First off, this is my first ever NARS product and I've been researching it for over a year, so to finally have it is awesome. Let's start with the price. This foundation goes for $42 and has 30mL(1oz.) which is a lot of money to spend. Next lets head to the packaging itself, meaning the bottle. This is a huge thing that irks me so damn much! It.Has.No.Pump! I mean, for $42 you'd better throw in a pump instead of making me spend more money to get one! What if I didn't like the product? At least, give me the decency of having a pump so I can make the process of using it less painful. However, they're lucky I love this foundation although I'm not buying a damn pump yet. Which makes the process of pouring it to the back of my hand a bit tedious, I've developed quite the precise hand. Either that or loose precious, precious product.

 Now, on to the product itself. This in no way is a sheer coverage foundation, more like medium to build able. It sit wonderfully on my skin making it glow and look more alive, oppose to the Rimmel one. It has lasted me all day with primer and with air conditioning around me, but I don't think it'd fair so well in this massive heat we're having here. It doesn't feel heavy at all on my skin (and I'm very touchy about that) and I feel I can wear it even without setting it with powder. You need a light hand with this, a little goes a long way or you may suffer cake face and we wouldn't want that.

 Overall, I love it. It's something I don't wear everyday and save it for special occasions which makes the price a bit more bearable since I wont waste it fast. I like how it feels and it hasn't broken me out. I don't find it's drying or anything but my skin is combo/oily in the T zone so I wouldn't know much about it on dry skin. They have a good color range but a lot of them are yellow tones. I suggest you go and get yourself matched like I did. Tell them to apply it on your whole face and walk around a bit before deciding to buy it. This is a definite favorite for me and I will buy it again when I ran out of it!

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