Pacifica | Tuscan Blood Orange Body Butter

 Hi, guys! I come to you with a quick post, nothing special I'm just going to show you one of my favorite hand creams to have with me (ignore my chipped nail polish!). Most of you will probably have heard of this Pacifica brand, which you can find in Sephora, and their hand creams. I've smelled all of their hand lotions and I love Tuscan Blood Orange and one they have in vanilla. I like to keep my lotions smelling citrus-y, I got that from my lovely mother, and this one is amazing. Not only does it smell delicious, and trust me my beau keeps reminding me, but it also soothes my hands. I mainly use this when I get out of the shower since my hands get really dry and this does the trick. I'm trying (and have been trying for years) to apply lotion religiously and I fail... However, this is one of those lotions that just makes me want to apply it. I always get the small ones in Sephora for $5 if I feel like actually driving there, but this one I got at Marshalls for $3. Anyway, it's a good lotion and it smells divine. Do you guys use anything special?

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