H&M Necklace

  In a more fashion/accessory related news, I got this necklace/choker from H&M while I was in California. I found it really unique and interesting so I got it. It's really funny and intriguing to look at when worn because you appear to have a chunk of metal hovering on the base of your throat. It's something I haven't seen here in PR and it's pretty damn cool to look at. However, with the heat wave that's been at large this past week this piece of jewelry is something I avoid unless I wish to add more reasons to sweat (and really, I wish to avoid that)... Anywhoo, It's definitely something I'll be wearing when I go out to air conditioned  places. I'll be styling it very minimalistic and slightly androgynous. Note that it looks very good with up-dos or with your hair down.

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