Alternatives | MAC Diva & Tom Ford Black Orchid

  It's happened to us all. We come across this lipstick we just need to get , and maybe it's a bit over priced but you get it anyway. Well, almost every lipstick has a dupe or an alternative. Something that comes very close to what you want and the difference in finish is different...and also the price. I was playing around with this MAC lipstick I got called Diva and I remembered a Wet 'n' Wild lipstick I had that seemed similar. When I swatched them side by side I was amazed with how similar they looked. I mean, MAC lipsticks are $15 and the WnW one cost be literally ¢69! Makes one regret the damn buy. Anyway, then I decided to go even further and try it next to my Tom Ford lipstick and I was struck again with how similar they were...even in the names!

 Although the lipsticks aren't dupes for one another they are very good alternatives. Don't want to spend $15-$50 but want that color? Then venture out there and find something similar or even a dupe. Each of the lipsticks have a different finish, which also takes a roll on which you choose to spend your money on, and they all have a slight difference in the hues used but trust me they all are very similar.
  The MAC Diva lipstick is a matte lipstick. Meaning the finish will have no shine and will be drying
It applies very smoothly and is rich in color (as are most MAC lipsticks). I don't find it's that drying, but I personally love matte lipsticks. It gets down to what you prefer so I suggest trying it on at the store before purchase. And last, the wear is very good. I've been known to wear this for 8hrs without more than one touch up for good measure.
  This is the Wet n Wild Black Orchid lipstick that I got for ¢69 at a drugstore. Like the MAC lipstick, it goes on very smoothly when applied. It's a very pigmented lipstick, especially for the price, but the finish is not matte. The finish of this lipstick definitely has a sheen to it but it's not too much and does not dry your lips. This lipstick also has a good wear, although you will have to touch up after eating and drinking, but with that price who cares?!
  And lastly the Tom Ford Black Orchid that I got for $30. It applies smoothly and very buttery. The finish has a slight sheen to it without overpowering. As for the wear, I don't know yet since I've yet to try it on...I'm too intimidated by it. Ha!
 And here are the swatches. Although MAC Diva looks a bit more red-ish here in person it looks very much the same. It has a purple/red hue undertone to it that is very lovely and vampire like. Then we have Wet n Wild's Black Orchid that has a more purple/brown undertone to it. And last we have Tom Ford's Black Orchid that has a brown undertone to it. Again, I'm not saying the WnW one is a dupe, but an alternative and something to consider before buying. Do any of you have some good alternatives or dupes?


  1. Wow son realmente iguales.Admito que Im sucker for packages y TF se ve súper!!.De todas maneras voy a comprar de calle WNW.

    1. El packaging de TF esta brutal pero es TAN caro :/

  2. you purchased a tom ford lipstick for 30$?! Tell me where because mine was 50$


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