I've always been intrigued by M.A.C and how they create and expand their brand. However, I could never freely afford to buy it, so I don't really own many M.A.C products. Pity, really. Needless to say they're known for their good pigmentation and I chose to get 2 very pigmented lipsticks.
 I decided to indulge myself, so I got Rebel (a satin finish) and Morange (a amplified finish). I'm pretty bold lipstick wise, I know what I want and I read before hand. I personally like only matte lipsticks or sheen, no frost in them. For my ivory skin type I tend to look better with darker lipsticks, which I have no shame in rocking. I originally went to get a lip glass I'd seen called Caqui, but it was limited and sold out. In a fit of rampage I decided to get the 2 lipsticks. Needless to say the store clerk loved that part! I was a bit disappointment with a clerk who gave me costumer service. I may not be a professional make-up artist, but I know my stuff. I kept asking her questions she didn't know how to answer and in turn treated me like I was a clueless buffoon. I, at one point, asked her if there was any lipstick close to a dusty rose colour. She didn't even know what dusty rose is! And she gave me a pale barbie pink! I looked like a hooker, I say. A hooker! Can you say "suck-y, suck-y, five dolla'"? Geez! But apart from that, I liked the store.
 So far my collection consists of Rebel, Morange and Viva Glam Gaga. I had another but gave it to my mum. Hopefully, my collection will grow with patience and restraint. I don't want to blow my whole paycheck there! Must.Resist.Urge!


  1. Estoy loca por comprar "Morange" desde hace varias semanas. pero debo controlarme hehehe. Se ve que es un anaranjado de enseño. Aunque el otro día ví un dupe que tiró Maybelline en walgreens.

  2. Hay un dupe de Revlon que yo tenia que se llama Siren, pero se me perdio

  3. Hey Doll! I gave you an award :)


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