Day Out

 So, today was the fated day to try out this local thrift store called Electroshock. They were brought to my attention mainly because, apart from being a thrift store, they have really good prices ($10 - $30). The only thing I regret is going at 2pm, because it was hot and all I wanted to do was leave and hide in an air conditioned room. However I did get 3 pieces, and I do suggest you check it out... just not in the afternoon. 
  I got this white over sized shirt because I just love the pattern details and it's very light weight, so no heat. Also got 2 sets of earrings to pop up my accessory drawer. Nothing big. I went with a budget of $20, since they only take cash. It was fun to look around and I did see some cool pieces that would have been great if they had my size. All in all, I liked it. I vote we get more thrift stores here in PR, we need them.

 Now enjoy some pictures I took today...


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