I had today off and went off to explore Forever 21 in depth. It's been some time since I really roam it, if you know what I mean. I found that they finally brought the Love & Beauty collection to PR. The collection as of now consists of nail polishes, face care products, nail care products, mirrors, hair brushes, etc. I know they're still missing a lot of the make-up you see in the online store but it's a start. 
  I didn't mind getting clothing items, I'm saving for winter wear but I did like the new goodies they have. I got a new wallet that can be used as a clutch since my wallet is slowly dying. This new one has a crocodile detail and it's a really nice chocolate colour. As for the space, it's pretty nice and roomy for now, I'll give it some time so I can adjust to the change. Next I got 2 jewelry pieces. The spike earrings were for $1.50 which I love about F21, accessible fashionable jewelery for less for that nice style detail so you don't have to invest in something that may go out of style. Also got a gold scuff ring which I adore. I've been making my peace with gold jewelry and this ring is just timeless and elegant. I'm hoping I can score a gold necklace too. Then I got some funky polka dot socks I thought would look spiffy (yes, I said spiffy) with my new Romwe cut out boots! Last but not least I got some Green Tea Cleansing Tissues so I could try them out. I've heard good things about them but each skin is different so I'm excited to try them out.
 I had to get a lap top bag since my school bag is now officially dead. Also I needed a discreet bag so I can carry my lap top with more ease. After some hunting we just went to Office Max to look as some bags and I was quite surprised. There were some lovely choices, they ranged from $40 to almost $90. After some pondering I decided to go with this Franklin Covey tote for $54 (I think). I didn't want something cheap that would cause me to get another one so soon, but I also didn't want to spend too much. I love that it actually looks like a normal tote, no lap top included. I'm quite happy with it, the room space is very nice. I just hope we get along for a long time.


  1. Nice haul!Who would have thought you'd find such a nice bag at office max?? Great find.

  2. I know. The picks were lovely, I'm quite happy with mine.


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