I have something to confess to you guys... Well, I was never really fond of the name Fashion Ghost. You see, I suck at making up names for well, anything. That tittle seemed appropriate since fashion in Puerto Rico is like a ghost, you may think it exists but you're not sure and need evidence. Well, since getting deeper and deeper into fashion I've seen that there is style here, but just like a blackout. It was there, you know you saw it but then it disappears when the lights are back on. So, since I've never been comfortable with the name, I decided to change it.

 Why now? Well, why not? My blog is fairly new, I don't have a huge following yet, so I decided to take a risk. I mean, to produce good posts I need to feel comfortable with my blog. By changing the name to 'BLACKOUT' I feel more at home and at peace. I hope you like it like I do. The logo/banner was made up fast, all I knew was that I wanted to change it and that I had an idea of how.

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