After eying this Lime Crime lipstick in COSMOPOP for a long time I decided to go ahead and purchase it so I could try it out. If you haven't heard about Lime Crime before (which I highly doubt) they make these really pigmented lipsticks in a variety of colors. COSMOPOP caught my attention because it's a color I've never seen before. It's a pastel orange, which is very hard to pull of when worn full on. However, I found a way around it and I absolutely love it.
Their lipsticks I find are a bit pricey, they cost $16 plus the shipping makes them go for around $30. I had to buy mine on ebay since I wasn't willing to pay so much. As for quality, I do feel that it does wear off fairly quick and I have to retouch it throughout the day at least 3 times. It's an opaque color and it goes very soft on the lips. Not the most moisturizing lippie ever, but it's not drying. It's definitely a brand I'd think more than twice before buying again. 


  1. Hey lady, is Shierley. Quick question. Natha bought me an orange lipstick (sephora's sunset orange) and I have no idea how to wear it.

  2. Sorry, I meant sunset rhythm


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