Two for $2

 I've been trying out this Wet n Wild duo I got at the drugstore for $2. Think about it that's a good deal, right? I got the more neutral/naked eyeshadow trio with a mascara. The shadow trio is very nice, pigmented and portable. However, I don't tend to choose it often (nothing against it). In it's defense, I've basically forgone eyeshadows and liners, now I go out with just mascara. For the mascara, well I'm a bit apprehensive. At first I liked the fact that it painted my lashes black, which is what I look for in a mascara. My lashes are long so I tend to stray away from "volumizing" mascaras. But after using this for some weeks I did notice that my eyes were watering a lot during the day, so I've stopped using it. And yes, the eye watering has now stopped. Also, the mascara formula is very watery. My conclusion is, yes to the eyeshadow trio and no to the mascara.


  1. I have the volume mascara from WnW and I dont like it, it dosnt give volume and is really messy =\

    1. I don't care for volume, since I have really long lashes, but I do want the blackness on my lashes and that mascara is too watery.


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