Part-time job interview attire.

If you've ever been standing in front of your closet not knowing what to wear for a job interview then worry no more, here I'll show you some items so you can impress your interviewer.

  So, as we all know, for job interviews we should keep it on the down-low on colours and accessories. Keep it simple and clean. A nice dark jean and some nude or black pumps would do. As for the top, a nice simple blouse would be perfect, try to keep it in the neutral colour area, whites, blacks, nudes, beige, etc.Then to top it all of, a good black blazer on top would do great! As for accessories, less is always more here, a nice pair of pearl earrings, one simple necklace and one ring would do perfect. Now for the make-up and hair. Keep your make-up simple, do a "No make-up, make-up look". No black liner, switch it for a brown whiskey liner. As for eyeshadow, keep the colours in the browns. For the cheeks, pick a nice light pink colour to just giveyourself a glow. Avoid lipstick and go with a tinted lip gloss, a nice pink would do.  And with this, you will surely impress with your appearance and the rest would be up to you! Good luck and I hope this helps you in any way possible.

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