Yesterday I accompanied my mum on some errands and it ended up being in a building that had an abandoned asylum right in front of it. Needless to say, I had to have my picture taken for my Outfit Of The Day in front of the asylum. It was horrifyingly beautiful, I was awe struck.

  On the top: I'm wearing a simple old black v-neck and a denim vest that used to be a denim jacket and I just cut it up.
 On the bottom: I have a black/white stripped skirt, black tights & some biker ankle boots.
 Accessories: Even though you can't see it, I have my cross earrings shown in my last haul and on of the chunky necklaces. For my purse, it's a vintage Chanel look alike.

 After the errands I went to the mall and got my new babies. I am now the proud owner of two pair of Doc Martens. The first ones I got were pale pink docs, that I found for $52. I had decided never to get the black original docs, since I'd prefer the more crazy styled docs that are made. But after some stress, I finally saw the light and got the black docs so I can pair them up with everything. Of course, I put them on right after i got them! Sadly I was tired and didn't take pictures of them. However, I'm sure you will see them soon, since they're going to be attached to my feet for a long time. I'm just love struck! Now, if you're from PR and want some docs, pray that Journey's have them. They generally bring them in men sizes and only black, and they bring a really small amount of docs (docs aren't famous here). For girls it's close to impossible getting docs here. Luckily there were a pair of black girl docs in the back hiding and waiting for me. For that I am grateful.

 Apart from that, the weekend has been going on smoothly. I did check F21, just out of curiosity. Nothing stood out to me, although they did bring a 32 and 100 eye shadow palette which were $17 and lower. Oh! And some really nice scarves for some really nice prices. If you're interested in any of those, then by all means go check them out.


  1. A little bit scary as well, I would not want to be there at night. Thank you for contacting us via IFB, keep up the good work!

  2. Thank you! As I said, it was horrifyingly beautiful... never going at night. I def. draw my line there!Haha! And no worries, IFB is such a fashion family site.


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