Almighty Thor

 It's been a tiring week, been so damn busy. I seriously can't wait to get a break. Anyway, I went out on a double date yesterday with my brother, his girlfriend and my beau. We went to see Thor, since we all like mythology and Nordic things. We had a great time and I recommend the movie if you like that type of thing, plus Chris Hemsworth isn't bad to look at either. Anyway, the post is mainly to show my outfit and to tell you to watch the movie! Haha, enjoy!

 Desi, check her out here.
Yafy and Fer, check them out also.


  1. Those are some major cute tights and dr martins!!

  2. Thank you very much <3 :)

  3. I love your sweater! And I'm glad to hear that Thor was good--I really want to see it, but it's gotten some bad reviews. ):

  4. NEVER trust reviews <3
    It was a good movie in my opinion.

  5. You and your friend both look Fabulous! I Love the stripes.

  6. Thank you, I like how Desi did some pattern blocking.


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