The End Is Near!

 The end of my trimester, I mean. Yes, you heard right! My trimester is ending in 2 week on May 19th. Now, this doesn't mean I get to enjoy my summer completely, for I am going to study during summer. I'm currently swamped with work ranging from Maya 3D modeling, Flash animation to freaking math... Such is life. But I do have awesome news! I took the joy of lurking ASOS' online shop and I found some awesome things that are now in my wish list. I'm here to share the things with you guys, and encourage you to go check them out! Especially the clearance... 

Now, as with Topshop, I have a love and hate relationship with ASOS. Meaning, I do like a lot of their stuff, but I think some of the prices are beyond mental. Just like with Topshop. I'm the type of person who's not willing to spend a lot of money on something I know I can find for much less. None the less, I did find a bunch of things I'm interested in. So, I'm going to stop my rambling and show you guys.

 As you can see, I'm obsessed with head bandannas at the moment. Only have one of my own, though.


  1. want those headbands!! so cute!!

  2. Me too... It pains me to see them and not buy them :(


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