I was requested a tights video long ago and I now got around to doing it. I'm also doing this written, because I can express myself better though writing than talking. Mind you, this is my opinion on how to wear tights and you, by no means, have to wear them this way.

So tights... I like to think that they're my signature accessory. I don't fancy displaying my legs, since men and people tend to make their opinion publicly. However, I do wear tights because I love them. As many of you know, tights come in a variety of colours and patterns. I myself had many tights. The only downer about tights is that they're very delicate and may break easily. Wearing tights can take an outfit from classy to casual, and unfortunately to trashy. Example, fish nets. Fish net tights are pretty tricky to style, I'd say do an A-line skirt and a not-to-tight-not-to-baggy top. Or simply avoid them. Normal black opaque tights are my favourite. They obviously go with everything and also make your legs appear skinnier. So, that is a plus.

 I tend to avoid white tights since they don't flatter my legs (latina legs) and just make them look wrong. Coloured tights are possible but tricky, just keep the outfit neutral and let the colourful tights do the talking. And as for printed tights, I apply the same rule as with coloured tights: Keep it simple on the outfit. My inspiration for tights comes from surfing through various fashion blogs, fashion runways and just how I am. I personally love checking Tokyo Street Fashion for inspiration and when I feel daring.

 You can pair tights with tigh-highs and knee-highs too. But for bottoms, I prefer tight skirts, A line skirts and shorts (including anything high waist). But really, tights are meant to be fun and to experiment with. Just another way to express yourself and your personality. Don't be afraid to experiment, just know when to say "It doesn't look good".

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