May Favs!

 So, May is coming to an end and here I am showing you guys what my favourite items are as of lately. I didn't pick much, because if I were to add the others I'd be naming them in every monthly fav. Most of what I mention is from Avon. What can I say? They're cheap and they're good.

 I've been really into bronzers lately, I never thought I could pull one off. I usually pair it off with a subtle blush. I found that the Nars "Laguna" was a really good bronzer on me, but it's too expensive. I found one in Sephora, from their house brand, that was $22 and HUGE! The size of my face, huge. I'm hoping to buy it this weekend or next week. It was a really nice rich chocolaty colour, reminded me of a bronzer in the shape of a chocolate that I see a lot on videos from UK.

 In other news, I had to quit my internship. Lack of transport, but damn I wish I could have bought some rings they had there. Sigh~ Too expensive though... And I also started my summer semester this Wednesday, so I'm officially on my 3rd year of college. I can't wait to finish so I can leave and pursue bigger things. So excited. This small island is getting a little to small and suffocating lately.


  1. I Love that Pacifica Blood orange lotion! It is wonderful!


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