Nail Dresses + A Bit More

 'Ello, mates! So quick post. I got some nail dresses today for $6, quite expensive for just one use but they are cute. I'd say get them for a special occasion. They are a bit tricky to put on the 1st time, you have no room for mistakes. Just take it slow and easy, so you don't mess up. Once I finished putting them on I put a top layer of shine polish, just to be sure they set in. Next step is to see how long they last, I mean, they are quite expensive...THEY BETTER LAST! Any-who...

  I got a vintage dress at Ouna's Closet, I did a post about them, for $20 dollars. Huge bargain, couldn't resist. They had some yummy stuff, but I'm sure the sale ended. It's a pastel yellow 60's dress. Ends a little bellow the knee, perfect length lately. I have plans to spice it up with some heels and pleather!

  And last but not least... My beau bought me a white button up shirt from F21, which I adore! And I got come earrings for .99c and a necklace for $1.50. I needed a necklace because lately all of my necklaces are statement necklaces and I can't find my subtle ones! GAH! Anyway, I show the necklace and earrings in the video!

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