Black & White

   I've been meaning to tackle this topic since I was asked a couple of times. How can your black clutch be from Office Max?! I swear, it is! I was walking Office Max looking for some materials when I stumbled upon these paper "folders" that were very clutch like. The best part? The price. Clutches like these go for $30 to $80 if you get them from a store. Who knew that we had clutches so close at such an affordable price? The one I got was for $14 and I swear there were a lot more. Different colors, prints, textures, you name it.
  I say it's a good buy if you want a nice clutch that you're only going to use for a night our or to go to a meeting. Their perfect. You can't fit a lot, but that's basically the point of a clutch. I know I'm going to be getting more to spice up my work wardrobe when I go meet up with clients.
Blouse- F21, Clutch- Office Max, Shoes- Steve Madden


  1. Loving the bow tie on the arm party! I'm gonna have to go to Office Max and get one of those clutches for me.

  2. love the blouse!!! and the bow bracelet!!!


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