DIY Studded Shoulder Vest

  I had some studs lying around from a diadem I bought from Forever 21 that I didn't use. I decided to go ahead and use them on my vest shoulder. They're really easy to use, you just make a whole and screw them in... pun not intended! I like them because they're easily taken off and reusable, however it's sad that I need to either order them of rip them off a diadem to have some. We can't buy them here since they're not something that sells, pity.
 Vest- DIY, Shirt- Thrifted, Shoes- Isabel Marant Knock-Offs


  1. I looove this ! Me encanta tu blog.

  2. Hi!
    *waving* I'm a newbie :D
    Love this look. So casual and cute!
    Sooooo loving that thrifted shirt. Its very nice!
    Also, what do you think of the sneakers?
    I read in another post that you got them from Jessica Buurman and I would like to order some too but are they true to size, tight, or loose in your opinion?
    Also what's the wedge like inside?
    I have the all black Believers, by Steve Madden (very similar). They have a wooden wedge block on the inside and they fit kinda large because I got a size 10 (the largest they had) and I actually wear an 11!! LOL
    Thanks for sharing your pics. You have nice style and a nice variety of outfits on your blog!


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