Clutch Essentials

 As women we encounter many dilemmas. Figuring out what to throw into our purses is one, and it gets even worse when we have to figure out what to take into a envelope clutch. We all know envelope clutches restrict our garbage (yes, we take unnecessary amounts of garbage with us) dosage by a lot. So here are the essentials I take with me when I use clutches, especially the envelope kind.
  1. Press Powder- I like my face fairly matte so I like to re-touch my t-zone area during an outing. Plus, it has a mirror.
  2. Bold Lipstick- I like keeping my make-up fairly soft so I can use a bright pop of color on my lips.
  3. Cell Phone- It goes without saying these days.
  4. iPod- Always have this with you, we never know when we might need a bit of an escape.
  5. Kabuki Brush- I dislike sponges to apply my powder.
  6. Wallet- I forgot to add mine. Oops.
Clutch- Office Max, Powder- Studio Fix Foundation N5, Lipstick- Ruby Woo
*Note: Who knew Office Max had envelope "folders" perfect for clutch usage!*


  1. If you didn't mention that the clutch was from Office Max of all places, I wouldn't have noticed. Very simple and elegant.Great post.

  2. OH! I was going to do a post about it. I wanted to get more of them. Stick around to see that :)

  3. Office Max? Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat? That is so cute!!!


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