Spring Is Here

 You know spring is here when you're being drawn to pastel colors. Even though I favor a black/white wardrobe, I am being drawn to mints and peaches. Subtly, but none the less there. Zara is doing amazing pastels but a bit over priced for the materials used, if I say so myself. However, I have yet to commit to buying a article of clothing, opting instead for a ring combo from Banana Republic.

 I usually don't go into BP, but I was drawn to it yesterday for some reason. I was delighted to see that they have a nice selection of jewelry for a good price. Having worked with a jewelry designer myself, I'm more attuned to prices and paying it's worth. I tend to go for delicate unique rings with precious stones. So when I saw these babies I just had to have them. I'm going to be playing up using these together and apart and dammit I'll have fun doing just that!

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