Baby Lips

  After hearing and hearing about the Maybelline Baby Lips I decided to go ahead and check them out. I got two of the six colors. I got Grape Vine and Peach Kiss, and I genuinely like them both. It's not a product I'm crazy about, but I like it. I don't feel I wasted money. It's a good alternative to substitute lipsticks if you don't want to go all out, especially for uni days. Grape Vine leaves your lips looking like you ate a lollipop, giving that bitten effect and the color is slightly build-able. For Peach Kiss, I tend to use it before applying MAC's Honey Love lipstick and then I use a bit on top. I think it's a good combo to keep my lips moisturized all day. Do I recommend them? Sure, if you're still hesitant on using full on lipsticks or to use them for school. Again, they aren't amazing but they are good.


  1. thanks so much for this review, i've always wanted to try them but never knew if they were good or ont but I just bought the grape vine one and i'm in love <3

  2. No problem! They're good for a quick fix and on the go. I carry both on my make-up bag.


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