DIY Stack-able Ring

 1st ring | 2nd ring
 I've been seeing a lot of stack-able  rings lately that I'm really digging. They're not really stacked, but made to look like you have a gazillion rings stacked on top of one another. Some of these rings are reasonably prices and some are just not. I was thinking to myself, 'Hey, these are just stacked and I heaven knows I have a lot of rings I can stack!'. So I got around to experimenting and was able to do it and have that cool look without spending money! It's all about the mix and matching. I think the stones you mix and match are okay as long as they're all either gold based or silver. Mixing gold and silver could be a bit more tricky. Have a look see and I hope you guys enjoy!
Banana Republic Rings + Erika Peña Druzy Ring


  1. Gorgeous ring! I'm into the stackable rings as well

  2. Same! I wish there were more to choose from here though.


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