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  I was invited to take a make-up course at MAC this past Saturday and I was really excited since it would be my 1st make-up class ever. I was so excited I did research, weeks before the due date, to see what I would get. The class was 'free' as long as you bought a minimum of $50 in store, which for MAC that's nothing much. I thought it was brilliant because I got to take a class and leave with products! There weren't many of us taking the class, like 7 or so, which was perfect since the one teaching could pay close attention to each of us. They provided new and used (but cleaned) MAC products and brushes. They were very generous in giving us make-up to try on. And also, the one teaching the class was very patient.
  We were given a MAC Professional Make-Up Menu, where it shows the classes they offer. We were also graciously given a huge MAC Note book that contained a lot of MAC face charts and a place for use to write notes, etc. That book is legit, I swear! I want 10 more of them because: 1. They're ,graphically speaking, gorgeously done and 2.They're very helpful. Even thought our class was a beginners class I was happy to learn that I wasn't doing make-up badly from the beginning.
  The class was centered in achieving a day to night look. We used a plum palette that had a lavender, lavender grey, grey and black color. We basically did a smoky eye with magenta lips. I wasn't a fan of the last look since I like to balance my face, meaning if I do strong eyes I usually keep my lips fairly neutral. I wasn't a huge fan of all the face prep products since my face felt sticky, but I did like a moisturizer SPF 50 they had us use. We had approximately 3 hours of class and it went by fast. They later take our info so they can later call us for more advanced classes. 
   As for what I got? I went with 2 lippies and a brush. I wanted to get 2 cream blushes called Tea Petal and Lady Blush but they had neither. But I did get the lipstick I wanted which is called Shy Girl. I decided to get Ravishing which is a shade deeper than Shy Girl, almost like a smoked salmon color. I adore both colors very much. As for a review, I can't give one yet since I haven't used them, apart from trying them on, but I will talk about them soon.
   As for my new brush, I got the 129 which is a powder brush if I'm not mistaken. We used it during the class to apply powder and bronzer. Personally I think it's better for bronzer because I think it's too small for powder. But to be honest, I only got the brush because I had to spend $50. I liked the brush but I wouldn't spend $34 on it unless I was in the position I found myself in. I think you can get the same brush quality at Sigma for less, which I have. It's not that I hate the brush, I just hate the price.
Anyway, I really had fun at the class and I really want to attend more so I recommend the classes if you're interested. All you have to do is ask on the store counter for the information. They hold the classes once a month, I think.
Ravishing- Top & Shy Girl- Bottom

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