DIY Skull Bracelet

  I posted this picture of some skull charms on my Instagram (IvoFBlackout) a couple of days ago. I was wondering what to do with them and blah, blah, blah. I finally got around to doing a cute mint bracelet that I can't stop wearing. Really, it's easy to make and I should know since I suck at arts & crafts. Just need some fish line and your beads of choice. I'm all into the whole arm full of bracelets, but man I can't keep up with the prices. I make my own from now on, hurray! Mint colors, of course. Anyway, hope you guys are doing coolio. OH! As for where I got the charms? There's a little store in San Juan that sells them. I forgot the name, but it's near the place where the Hard Rock Cafe was. Also, they do sell them online and on Etsy.

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