Go Get 'Em Girl!

  While on our way to our little vacation we stopped by a drugstore where I decided to pick up a few lip products. The Revlon Lip Balms I've heard about all over the blogging scene, but I never picked up any even though I've been eying them. So I finally decided to pick out one and try it out. Next, one of my friends told me about these new Covergirl lipsticks and how good they were and I picked two of those too and set on trying them for a week and some.
 I'm a Revlon fan since I think they do an almost MAC quality on their lipsticks. I have flaky lips so I was eager to try their Creme Brule tinted lip balm and see if it looked good but also helped my lips. Obviously, since it's a tinted lip balm, there isn't a huge amount of pigmentation. This is great for those to don't like to use really bright lipsticks or aren't ready yet. For me, it suited its purpose. It hydrated my lips and gave a nice nude sheen to them. I like how it gives a lip gloss effect without all the goup-y feeling that I hate so much. your lips just look so hydrated and healthy.

 As for the Covergirl lipsticks, I've never been much of a fan of Covergirl but damn these babies are amazing. I've been searching for a good fuchsia pink that would suit me and my search has now ended. Embrace is the perfect electric pink that looks amazing. It's long lasting, trust me I wore it a whole day at uni, and it's somewhat matte which I love. As for Sultry, I got it because it reminded me of MAC's Honey Love -which is my favorite matte nude- and I want it to test it out and see. Sultry is a bit more dark than Honey Love and it's not matter but I do like it. I'm still testing it out but I don't love it yet. Let's see... Maybe I'll do a post about it.
 Wearing the Revlon Creme Brulée lippie
Wearing Covergirl Embrace
Revlon Creme Brulee, Covergirl Sultry, Covergirl Embrace


  1. de los revlon tengo como 6 red velvet es super pigmentado , igual sweet tart,raspberry pie, peach parfait y principalmente lollipop ese es hot fuchsia

  2. With that most romantic day looming, we’re getting frisky already and making plans to look our most sultry and seductive.


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