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 Since I have frequently chapped lips I'm trying to take better care of them, especially since going on vacation where I was exposed to sun and whatnot. I normally apply some lip product every night before going to sleep. So, I've been exploring some options and here is what I have. These are the three I've stuck to. I've had lip balms, chapsticks, you name it, throughout all my life and I've never stuck to any of them. Flavor balms, yucky sticky ones, nothing ever stuck but these three. Here is what I have to say:

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula- This one is by far my favorite. It smells like chocolate, taste sweet and it does what it's meant to do. It's not sticky nor greasy and it lasts a long time. This keeps my lips soft and in good shape. It's also what I apply before wearing matte lipsticks.

Nivea Vitamin Swirl- This one I've had for a couple of months and is ok but not great. it's a bit greasy for my taste and it doesn't soften my lips enough. It does smell good and you get a very good amount of product. Plus, it has SPF10 which is good.

Carmex Lip Balm- This was another of my favorite until I got an allergic reaction. Nothing bad, though! I did have to stop using it but it did wonders to my lips before the reaction. What I mean is, you may not get the allergic reaction so this is a good pick! I'd still use it if I could. It's great, it soften and soothes the lips and it lasts a really long time providing moisture to your lips. I'm gonna miss it.

 Having products that protect your lips is very important. Any sort of lip protection you favor is a must in your make-up bag and you should apply it daily to keep your lips in shape. Of course, finding new products and trying them out is always fun for me, so if you have any suggestions feel free to let me know.

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  1. Yess! I love all of your suggestions.
    I am kinda addicted to carmex myself, lol.
    It really works well thugh for these NY winters!
    I also find that when I am not drinking enough water, I get chapped lips!
    Does that happen to you?


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