My Fave Make-Up Brushes

 Face Make-Up Brushes 
 I was sitting in my room thinking of what to write about when it hit me; I've never talked about my favorite make-up brushes. So, I decided to go ahead and pick out my favorite and I noticed something... most of the brushes I picked aren't expensive at all! This goes to show you, you don't need to spend a huge amount of money on brand name brushes (unless you're a make-up artist) all you need is to pick out good brushes. If they do what they're supposed to do and they do it well, then why the hell not?
  This is my Kabuki brush. I don't know where I got it, although I'm sure it's from a drugstore, but it is perfect to buff in my powder which helps keep me matte throughout the day.
  I received this brush as a gift from a friend, I know they're from Marshall's and I also know they're not expensive, but I don't know the names. I use this brush to apply highlighter just above where I apply blush or bronzer. It may look big but it's a perfect size for my cheekbones. Plus, it's a super soft brush.
  This brush is from Mark by Avon. I use it to apply my blush and it's a perfect size for it. It says it's a powder brush but I beg to differ.
  This brush is also from the same Marshall's gift set I got. It's labeled as a powder brush but I use it to contour my face. It's a super soft brush that has a good shape to dig into those places and create the perfect contour.
  My flat top brush is from Mark by Avon. Even though it says it's for blush and bronzer I use it to buff in my BB cream or my foundation.

Eye Make-Up Brushes
  When applying my eye make-up, I do tend to lean more towards my Sigma brushes. However, I don't own that many drugstore eye make-up brushes, so I haven't experimented with quality and difference. Maybe I should...
  My Large Shader Brush (E60) from Sigma is perfect for applying my base eyeshadow color.
  Also from my Marshall's gift set, these babies are perfect for blending and applying cream eyeshadow, since it's synthetic hair on the brush.
  I use my Sigma Small Angle Brush (E65) to highlight the inner corner of my eye.
  This Sigma Blending Brush (E25) came free when I bought my 12 Brush Set. I like to keep two blending brushes, one I use with light colors and one I use with dark colors. Obviously I use this one with light colors.
  And this Tapered Blending Sigma Brush (E40) is the one I use to blend out darker colors on my eyes.
 This little guy is a nameless brush I use to apply eyeshadow and define my eyebrows, since I like to keep my brows thick and dark.

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  1. tengo el mismo kit de Marshalls y me encanta, muy buena calidad. Otro kit buenisimo por el precio son los marca Kirkland de Costo.


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